Welcome to Colin Solomon Photography where we hope you’ll enjoy our website and taste in art.

We are Colin and Jo who share a passion for art, our interests lye in many forms of photography and paintings, from indoor portraiture to outdoor landscapes, creative and expressive art, such as body painting and/or paint splatting, sensual boudoir style photography, bridal and couples, fashion modelling to portfolio building, alternative styles such as gothic and cyber punk, nude and fine art, monochromatic and bokeh, to erotic prints and canvases, and more…

We like to be different and vary our work and not be tied to doing the same repetitive thing over and over, we like to get out of our comfort zone and for that every project we like to bring in something new and always keep it interesting usually with results unknown. That’s the thing with photography you can never be entirely sure what results you are going to get, so we always like to be creative with an open mind, but always with that perfect vision in mind.

If you’re interested in working together on any kind of collaborative project please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are very happy to work with anyone from all walks of life, that includes petite models, mature, full figure, tattooed, punk etc. we simply don’t care, we love diversity and everyone has a story and we’d like to capture and express it through photography, and/or videography.

If you have an idea we’d love to hear about it so please do get in contact. We’re prepared to travel to any location in the world to get that perfect shot for you.